Father Issues

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Lily Lane
Petra Blair
Stirling Cooper
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Petra Blair is the picture of chastity and devotion, obediently cleaning the convent and trying to conceal her girlish crush on Father Cooper, the head Priest. Father Cooper is a handsome and affable man, who generously took her into the convent from out of the witness protection program. Petra claims she came to the church for a new start from her criminal past, but she shudders with desire when the Priest lays his hand on her knee. Her newfound life comes crashing down when her slutty big titted step-mother Lily Lane comes into the convent looking for her wayward daughter. She wants Petra to testify on behalf of her father in court, but Petra steadfastly refuses to lie for her family anymore. Distraught, Petra seeks the council of Father Cooper, who suggests she try burning out her sinful past the old fashioned way, with a heavy handed spanking over his desk. As Lily confesses her sins in sordid detail she is beaten pink, then red. Father Cooper loses himself eventually, pulling her panties off and fucking her right on his desk, but only after thoroughly flogging her and stuffing her mouth with his fat cock. Sister Petra is dismissed from his office with soaking wet panties and a

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