Cheerleaders Control

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Lily Ford
Femdom Pornstars

Bratty cheerleader captain Lilly is in charge of who makes it on the squad and when handsome Alex tries out for the team she sees her chance to have some fun. She already knows he is besotted with her so it wont be hard to wrap him around her little finger. She inappropriately invites him by for a tryout to see how well she can manipulate him to earn a place on the squad. As cute as she is in her little uniform he is putty in her hands and is easily put to work licking and sucking her feet clean. He does an excellent job and clearly she enjoys his attention, but being is a shrewd little manipulatrix she strings her lovestruck admirer along by telling him he will need to work much harder to convince her to allow him to join the squad. Being the cheerleader captain definitely has its perks!

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