His Mark Part 2

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Brooke Johnson
Bondage Pornstars

Brooke is brought down from her suspension. Skylar watches on as her restraints are removed. Brooke has made a critical mistake. She told us that she has trouble with simple mathematics specifically using the number seven. She has to shock herself any time she gets an answer wrong or takes too long to answer. Each time she does she jumps. The questions get harder and harder and the pain is awful. Shes shackled to the floor and her legs are spread wide. A ball gag is put her in mouth. OT shows Skylar a few tricks. She can pinch, bite, scratch, and poke Brookes pressure points. Skylar and OT go after her together as she screams through her gag. They discover that shes being turned on so much that her cunt is white with cream. Then Skylar gets to sit on Brooke and play with her pussy and slap her face.

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