Taking Stock Part 3

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Keira Croft
Bondage Pornstars

Keira watches as Victoria orgasms by choking herself. Its quite the spectacle, but its only a glimmer of whats to come. Keira is flipped on her front with stocks on her wrists and neck and ankles. Her body is still wrapped in a full body stocking. Shes told to stick her perfect butt in the air. The stocking is ripped to expose her buns. The cane strokes are lovely, but Keiras sobs and tears are even more delightful. She suffers so beautifully for the members. So beautifully in fact she deserves an orgasm. Shes laid on her back and Victoria is released. Keiras face is smothered under Victorias gorgeous ass and cunt. The vibrates buzzed away at Keiras clit making her drench the stage. She launches her juices five feet away.

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