Electric Shock Fear Test

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Abigail Dupree
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In this session of electrical fear testing, the female gimp 465 is put into storage and brought out again for further extreme sadistic testing and evaluation into becoming a fully developed sex slave. The test slave is subjected to various exploratory sadistic acts while under different stages of deprivation after lengthy stays of isolation. The isolation includes taking away the subjects sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste. For this study in developing sensual masochism for prime sex slavery, the subject is stored in isolation for consistency when not being used. Electricity is one of the biggest fears that slave abigail has, so much so that it is a hard limit for her with anyone else other than her Master. The end interview is a must see! Let me remind you that these experiments are very real but accomplished in a safe environment in full consent of the slave in TPE with its Master and owner and should not be duplicated by untrained professionals. Also, for the projects importance to completion, it is in need of discretion for security reasons. A brief psychotic disorder is an uncommon psychiatric condition characterized by sudden and temporary periods of psychotic behavior, s

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