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A slave is Not a person whose will has been crushed or forced into this role by compulsion, but someone who has the courage and the strength to recognize his own desires and obsessions and admit them to himself. Someone who has found a way to formulate these wishes and make them real and grow and develop with their own will, in the final consequence, therefore, to abandon oneself in complete openness and defenselessness into strange hands. And in contrast to the military example, a slave has never denied the right to leave his own role at any time without any justification pressure and to turn his back on the subject of training. Nevertheless, the decisive parameter is the personal predisposition of the slave, which must allow a congruent adaptation to the ideal role of complete submission as a will of its own. Only in these cases can a credible assumption be made of a metaconsensory constellation of domination and subjugation - which, however, is true and comprehensive. The understanding of consistency described as from DEBRIS is the basis for comprehensive implementation - but it is based on the right of the slave to be able to withdraw consent at any time. - which means at the s

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