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To the BDSM Master and slave, Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission are the foundation, the building blocks binding a higher spiritual order in a relationship involving sadomasochism. Mental anguish and suffering from physical and mental triggers to bring euphoria is an art favorably called riding the edge. This state of release is very transcending, a key identifier to the exchange sought between a Master and slave, Domsub, topbottom. Some do this very well, some seek this in vain. The submissive mind and heart wants to be under someones control, ideally, not by just anyone. In some the need to be kept as owned property is very strong, unlike relations of girlboy friend, husband or wife. The slave with good direction is then armed with a mindset bound for success. A slave needs to be treated as a slave and nothing more! There are two very successful ways into becoming a great slave to a worthy Master. 1: is that a Master hones and influences a submissive mind with rules, information, patients and the environment to bring up a servant worth having with lots of work from both parts to become a good slave. 2: The slave mind and heart is in the submissive naturally. The sl

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