Little Red Punished Slave

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Bondage Hardcore Humiliation Male Domination Punishment Slave Girl Submission

Subspaceland presents little red riding hood with a bdsm twist. Anna Ray is all dressed in red with matching color rope bounding her legs and hands to the swing. She seems intrigued in the beginning, but not being able to move from a swing turns into a childhood nightmare. Pinching and spanking is not what she was expecting, as specially when the whip is brought out. Not easily submitted , she is undressed and gets whipped on her bear skin. Trying to escape her masters whips gets her into more trouble, as one of her hands gets loose, she gets strapped back in and firmly pulled by her hair. Her foot is tied up, barely touching the floor with the other, evading whips gets impossible. As tears fall after the hard whipping, master goes back to a more personal pain inducer, his big slaps.

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