Alina West is so tiny and so new. Shes only been in this bus

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Alina West
Jack Hammer
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Alina West is so tiny and so new. Shes only been in this business for about 6 months, and she has only ever done bondage with us. She says that the experience of being tied down is freeing. Well, then she is going to love the feeling of being suspended in the air in bondage. Some people call it flying, and for her it will be the ultimate expression of freedom, both sexually and personally. She says that she loves to serve and submit, but that only comes after she has been broken. It begins, like most things, slowly. Jack Hammer has to work her up to what is coming, he cant just start there. She needs to become accustomed to the feel of the rope on her skin, and the feel of the cane on her body. In the air she experiences a caning like she has never had before and is given an orgasm that blows her mind. She is screaming her lungs out as Jack leaves her swinging a few feet off of the ground, waiting for what comes next.

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