Dungeon Witches Pictures

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The beautiful millers daughter with the long, blonde hair ha

The beautiful maidservant Alburga has already arrived the wi

The young wench Agatha is suspected to be a witch and a murd

The Strappado already has been described and used for the in

Once a witch has been found guilty, there was a special kind

A young gorgeous wench is found guilty by both, harlotry and

A pretty blonde wench has caused the accident of a cavalier.

A pretty young maidservant has been captured and arrested af

Once be found guilty, it was one of the worst punishments fo

This is the first night in prison for the young witch Loreda

Janessa is bound at the wheel of pain to be punished by seve

Special large tit screws are used to make this witch confess

The Janne scenes are some of the most exciting and genuine s

 This is the story about Sophie, who is the young wife of th

This is the story about a young nun called Agnes. After she

The Interrogation of Sophie, episode two of the Gypsy Witche

Proud, wise and pretty women always have been suspected to b

The young stable maid Luise fails to milk the squires cow fo

Forage has been stolen again and again from the stables of t

The Inquisitor himself has become critically ill. As the med

The young and masochistic nun Agnes is sexually stimulated w

Magda is serving as a barmaid in an outlying taverna. There

Every week he young wench Mathilda has been visiting her tut

The two young wenches Anna and Ella are rivals in love. Ella

In a warm summer night Rebecca is giving a witch ritual, to

It is not obvious which of the two broads imprisoned is a wi

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